Canyon Creek Ice Caves - July 30,2011

Four weeks after my shoulder dislocation , what not too difficult trail can I do with a sling? Dwayne and Rob were going to do the Ice Caves near Bragg Creek so we decided to join them. It was a beautiful day. We met them at the parking lot just before the gravel road entrance. The gravel road to the trail head was closed I believe in 2002. It is actively used by oil companies to access their sour gas wells. ( Yikes!) Yes you do walk by the sour gas wells. The walk to the trail head is approzimately 7 kilometers with another kilometer or so hiking the trail to the ice caves. We climbed up to one of the caves. It was scorching outside but I soon as we entered the cave it got cold real fast. Walked in to see some ice which to me was so freaky.. Dwayne and Rob kept going in to see an ice wall. Pretty neat stuff. We hiked back down and followed a dried river bead to come up to what looked like a closed up coal mine. We decided to head back. I figure we did about 20 kilometers . Wasn't too bad... got some exercise in. I did okay with that sling again :).




Take hwy 22x to hiway 66 . Drive past Bragg Creek. Turn right at Canyon Creek Road to the end parking lot just before the closed gates.

Prairie Mountain

Distance- 15 km return to the caves
Elevation Gain – 150 m
Total Time- 6 hrs
Starting Elevation- 1500 m
Max Elevation- 1650 mm
Average Grade- 2.3%