CoryPass Edith Pass Loop July 31,2010

A high rock-bound pass surrounded by rugged limestone peaks is the reward for one of the most strenuous hikes in Banff national Park. At the 2350 m summit, you are greeted by the imposing face of Mr. Louis- vertical layers of limestone rising like a gigantic hand against the sky.

Follow an old roadbed and the a foot trail through aspen groves to the Cory-Edith Pass junction ( 1.1 km) . The Cory Pass trail climbs steeply to an open knoll overlooking the Bow Valley and Vermilion lakes. Extreme uphill grades continue through the forest, along a rocky ridge and finally across open slopes to the pass.

Strong hikers with route finding skills can return from Cory Pass by making a loop around Mount Edith and descending the Edith Pass trail. The slopes north of Cory summit are steep with loose rock, the route is poorly defined around the north end of Mt Edith .

A beautiful demanding hike well worth the effort.

You will need a Banff national park pass to use this area.





Accessed from the Bow Valley Parkway. Continue on Bow Valley Parkway for 0.5 km to the Fireside Picnic Area access road. Follow the orad 1 km to the picnic area. The bridge spanning the creek to the picnic area is the starting point for the trail.


Total Distance; 13 km return ( 8.12 miles)
Elevation Gain- 1084 meters ( 3526 feet)
Time; It took us about 5 hrs 30 minutes
Start Elevation : 1467 meters (4769 feet)
Max Elevation- 2552meters (8295 feet)
Average grade- 14.1%