Costa Rica 2009

An amazing trip! We were there for 10 days at Christmas time and packed in as much adventure as we could. The weather was amazing; the people were amazing.

We arrived in San Jose and spent the day visiting all it had to offer.

Then off to "La Fortuna/Arenal" area. We visited the active volcano.It was cloudy but we could hear it. We went water rafting on the Toro river; what a fun adventure; the water was so warm and we saw some beautiful wildlife along the shores. Then off to some canyoneering/rapelling. That was the BEST!!!Another fantastic and unique day. relaxed at night in the hot springs.

Then off to Montevderde. We went on a horseback riding trip around Monteverde cloud forest , we visited Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve .Cloud forest is much like a rainforest, but much of the moisture comes not from falling rain but from the condensation left by the nearly constant cloud cover that blankets the tops of mountains in many parts of the tropics. Monteverde Reserve covers 1600 hectares of forest and is home to a great variety of wildlife. More than 2,000 species of plants, 320 bird species and 100 different species of mammals inhabit this small area. Also had the pleasure of checking out a coffee plantation.

After a couple of days , we're off to Quepos and the Manuel Antonio National park. It was so hot and the beach was amazing!.

Then it was back to San Jose and home. I would definately recommend Costa Rica and would love to go back with more time. Below are only a few of our pics randomly put together.