NOT Forgetmenot Trail - June 11,2011


Yet another hike to try and somewhat simulate West Coast Trail. We wanted to do Forgetmenot Trail in Kananaskis. In order to do this trail we were to forge through some water passages; but since it was raining the river was too high and we were not able to get through. We continued on for about 9 km return to try and find a way through but did not. A couple of guys we met along the trail tried; the river was up to their waists; one got through, one did not.

It was raining pretty hard so we decided to set up some of our gear to test it out. We thought this would be perfect!! Man, did I get cold and wet.... Hopefully WCT won't be as cold as this, we could see our breath.

All in all a fun day in the rain and yes another weighted hike. Perfect!!!




Drive west on Elbow Falls Trail (Hwy 66) for 29 km.Turn left into the access road for Little Elbow Recreation Area. Turn left at the "Trailhead Parking." Walk down the Little Elbow Trail along the north bank of the river until you reach the walking brdige; cross it and head along wildhorese trail to the Elbow river..then it's find a spot to forge trhough.. if you can!

Nihahi Ridge

Distance- 9 km return from parking lot
Elevation Gain – ?????
Total Time- 4 hrs
Max Speed- ????
Moving average- ????