Powderface Backwards-Oct 22,2011


Since last time we did powderface ridge we got a "little lost" , we decided to do it backwards to see where we veered off the wrong way. Once again we used two vehicles with Dan John, Robin and myself. We started at the farther end and planned to finnish at the first vehicle.

The start of this side was much steeper and so we climbed and climbed when I realized I forgot my keys, my gps etc etc in Dans car. What a downer! We decided to summit to where the turnoff would have been last time ,and then return to Dan's car. As the elevation got higher we encountered some snow on the trail.It looked like a storm was coming in, we had flurries ,fog, wind above the tree line but it was pretty comfortable with the protection of the trees. It was definately colder than i expected. We had lunch at the top; met a nice couple, John and Anette and watched Dan WORK on his iphone . Yah, he should turn that thing off when hiking!. Once we reached dans car ( about 4 hours total) , we headed back to mine and took a short walk to see Elbow falls, then off to the Bavarian Inn for supper.

Nice 1/2 day of fall hiking .





Take hwy 22x to hiway 66 . Drive past Bragg Creek. First parking lot at Powerface Trail. Second parking lot at the end of paved hwy 66.


Powderface Ridge

Distance- no gps
Elevation Gain- no gps
Max Elevation- no gps
Total Time- about 4 hrs