Powderface Ridge-Sept 10,2011

Today we had two vehicles out so we decided to do Powerface Ridge. We parked one vehicle at the first parking lot and the second vehicle at the end of the ridge. We thought it would be fun going right through instead of summiting and returning to the original start.

We started at Powderface Creek... about 3 kilometers in we started getting some elevation. This inital road looked like an old wheeling road . As we approached the ridge we met some horseback riders. The view at the top of the ridge was amazing.The ridge was pretty rocky and got rockier as we moved on. We sort of lost the path but kept going. We decided it was time to decend but no path was to be found going down so we traversed down this very steep section through roots, grass, rocks . We were able to see the road from the ridge so we pointed ourselves towards the road and would hopefully end there. We ended up at the dirt road part of hwy 66 and had to walk back a bit to find the second car. It was a different kind of hike. Not sure where we missed the turn off but we ended up going too far. After the hike Dan went home and Robin and I dropped by Bragg Creek for an ice cream and dinner at the Bavarian Inn. Good day with a good end. :)





Take hwy 22x to hiway 66 . Drive past Bragg Creek. First parking lot at Powerface Trail. Second parking lot at the end of paved hwy 66.


Powderface Ridge

Distance- 13 km return
Elevation Gain- 688 m (2233 ft)
Max Elevation- 2232 meters ( 7254 ft)
Total Time- 4 hrs 45 minutes