Mount Temple Aug 6,2010

Mount Temple is truly a rewarding scramble . The views along the way are absolutely spectacular and the ascent can be fairly challenging. The window to summit is a short few weeks from the end of July to mid August assuming 2 factors fall into place; the weather holds stable and the depth of snow in avalanche chutes is at acceptable levels.

The initial route to Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass travels through a prime habitat of grizzly and black bears. Parks Canada advise to travel in large groups and sometimes restrict or even close this trail. Near the trails start take a right at the first junction. The trail begins to switch back and gain elevation rapidly before gaining Larch Valley. The trail then levels out a bit as it meanders through the thick forest of Larches, golden in late September. The trail exits the larches as it begins to gain elevation once more. After passing a rest area the trail leaves all vegetation behind and then passes a picturesque alpine lake before dramatically rising to Sentinel Pass. On this perch, views open up Northward and southward, a faint trail beckons the hiker further. This trail is the beginning of the Temple Mt. climb.

We took this hike on with George and Paul .. a total of 4 people. We found this hike/scramble challenging, exhausting and amazing!!!! We were lucky to be able to summit as storms were all around us. We had all seasons... snow, hail , rain and cloud.

In 1955, Canada's worst-ever mountaineering accident happened here. Seven poorly equipped young guys died on the mountain....

Named by George M. Dawson in 1884. Temple, Sir Richard (Sir Temple visited the Rockies in 1884 as leader of the British Association Excursion Party.) Official name.

First ascended in 1894 by Samuel E.S. Allen, L.F. Frissel, Walter D. WilcoxJournal reference App 7-281; CAJ 22-148. Other reference Wilcox Pg. 243.


Weather and snow are two main deciding factors. An Ice Axe will become handy for sure at any time of the year. A helmet, crampons, gloves, proper clothes, and gators might be necessary when attempting the summit .






Located in the Bow River Valley between Paradise Creek and Moraine Creek; north of Moraine Lake; east buttress of Sentinel Pass. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 21; 03 Longitude 116; 12; 21, Topo map 82N/08

Panorama viewpoint: Castle Junction; Upper Bow Valley.. Can be seen from Highways 1 and 93N

Sentinel Pass-Mt Temple
Mount Temple is the 3rd highest peak in Banff

The trip comprises two stages- Sentinnel Pass..then on to Mount Temple

Sentinel Pass- Mount Temple Statistics

Mount Temple
Distance- 4.0 km return
Average Grade- 46.7%
Elevation Gain – 979 m  (3182 ft)
Start Elevation- 2611 meter ( 8486 ft)
Max Elevation – 3590 meters  ( 11668 ft)

Sentinel Pass
Distance- 12 km return
Average Grade- 12%
Elevation Gain- 723 meters ( 2350 ft )
Start Elevation- 1888 meters ( 6136 Ft)
Max Elevation – 2611 m (8486 ft)

Total Trip
Distance- 16 km
Elevation Gain- 1702 m (5532 ft)
Max Elevation- 3590 meters ( 11668 ft)
Total Time- 10 hrs