West Coast Trail - Second Attempt- June 29,2012


Well, here we go again ; Round Two. We tried last year , but I got injured ( dislocated shoulder) about 4 kms in. This time, this trail is ours. At the last moment , Dan had to bail as he had a family emegency, so it was Robin and myself. Jennifer ( my daughter bakes us a good luck cake ). We're off.

We landed in Victoria and started driving to Port Renfrew. Just as we pass Sooke, the rain starts coming down and never let up. There was a dense fog . We checked in at the lodge, did our orientation at the Parks canda office. They mentioned the trail was slippery and muddy ( what;s new, lol) ,a higher number of cougars and bees we needed to watch out for. We're all set.. off to dinner, sleep and on the trail by 8;30 AM. During the night Robin started vomiting with stomach pains and kept going all night. We decided in the morning to drive back to Victoria to the hospital; good thing we did, he needed emergency gall bladder removal surgery and so he spent the next 4 days in the hospital. While we were at the hospital, the search and rescue helicopter landed bringing an injured hiker in. Eery.

I guess attempt number 2 to do West Coast Trail is gone.

I'm starting to think there is a force trying to keep us away from this trail...

I spoke to parks Canada after the fact.The weather and trail conditions were bad. They had 16 recues in that one week.