Baldy pass-Kananaskis Nov 21,2009

One last hike before snowshoe season..... We hooked up with the Calgary Outdoor Club ( we were 8 in total) to hike Baldy Pass in Kananaskis. The trail to Baldy Pass was a short, scenic climb through a rubble-strewn valley leading to fine views of the foothills at the pass. From the highway, we climbed moderately through an aspen forest on an old road that becomes a dirt trail by the time you cross the creek bed. We followed rock cairns into the narrow valley where the massive slopes are covered with rock debris shattered by frost action. The trail that followed the rocks was snow and ice covered...some places quite deep. We needed to use our icers . We headed up along a rocky ridge and were rewarded beautiful views. The front range is visible to the west, and the prairies to the east.





Kananaskis Trail (HiWay #40) about 8km S of #1 to to Baldy parking lot (Barrier Lake).


Total Distance; 8.75 km return ( 5.47 miles)
Elevation Gain- 496 meters ( 1609 feet)
Time; It took us about 4 hours
Start Elevation : 1419 meters (4611 feet)
Max Elevation- 1915 meters (6221 feet)