Saddleback/Fairview Mountain Sept 4,2010

This was round two for Fairview. We did it last year at the end of August. This time it was with Clint, Woody, Dan , Robin and Theresa. A good group with some "young blood" Started off about 8;30ish. It was about 3 celsius at the parking lot. The hike to the Saddleback was a trail through nicely treed area. We met a a very nice couple from Wisconsin that tagged along. The fairview trail is full of switchbacks up a steep slope made up of loose scree. The 1.5 km trail gains an elevation of 444 m. At the summit, we were 1 km above Lake Louise with some incredible views of Mt. Temple and Mt Victoria . We had a mix of rain, clouds, sun, snow and hail. You never know what you'll get when hiking . Fun hike with a great group of people :)

A metal plaque affixed to a summit boulder warns against the common error of short-cutting down the north side toward the end of the lake; apparently many rescues have been needed by those who have tried.

You will need a Banff national park pass to use this area.




The trail for Fairview Mountain starts at the parking lot at the Lake Louise Chateau. From the parking lot walk towards the canoe rental kiosk and take a left on the asphalt trail. This is the start of the Fairview Lookout, Fairview Mountain and The Saddleback Trails. Keep going straight at any junctions that you encounter.

Trail Details

The trail to the Saddleback is 3.5 km and has an elevation gain of 600 m. After 0.8 km there is a junction that takes you to Fairview Lookout (right trail), The Saddleback and Fairview Mountain (center trail), and a trail that leads to the Paradise Valley Trail (left trail).

The trail goes through some avalanche paths, forested areas and open meadows. About 3 km later with many switchbacks and elevation gain you will have climbed the Saddleback. From here you can go left onto the Sheol Valley Trail or right to Fairview Mountain.

Distance Saddleback- 3.7 km one way
Distance- Fairview- 1.3 km one way
Total distance return- 10 km ( 6.25 miles)
Elevation Gain- saddleback- 575m (1869 ft)
Elevation Dain Fairview- 444m ( 1443 ft)
Total elevation Gain- 1019 meters (3312 ft)
Max Elevation- 2783 meters (9044 ft)
Saddleback average grade- 16.2%
Fairview average grade- 31.9%
Time- About 5-1/4 hours
Max speed- 10.2 miles/hr ( running down the trail)