Heart mountain Circuit- Oct 9,2010

We were suppose to be joined by our 2 New Zealnad friends Clint and Woody but they were celebrating a bit too much the nigh before.. lol. For this hike/scramble it was Dan, Robin and myself ,Theresa. . We really enjoyed the climbing part. Once at the top and walking the circuit the wind was brutal....It was actually moving me sideways . This hike/scramble was really nice and I would definately do it again.




Trans-Canada Hwy east bound (south side) at the Lac des Arcs interchange. Follow the signs to the Heart Creek parking lot.

Trail Details

Beautiful views and some scrambling is what this hike offers. For the first 3-4 kilometers you will have your nose to the grindstone getting up to the ridge. When you stop from time to time to catch your breath start looking around to grab some of the views. There are no switchbacks here as the trail goes straight up one of the ribs of Heart mountain to gain the ridge. There is one spot that a little climbing expertise goes a long way or having a couple of friends to lend a helping hand will make due.

Once you have humped your way up the first 3 km you will have broken the back of the hard climbing. The views from the ridge and the different peaks is breathtaking. The route down is more gradual than the way up and the route is easy to follow even though a good portion is in the rock and scree above tree line.

Total distance return- 11 km (6.88 miles)
Elevation Gain- 869 meters (2825 ft)
Max Elevation- 2119 meters (6887 ft)
Average grade- 16.7%
Time- About 6-1/4 hours
Max speed- 4.5miles/hr