This is a Banff National Park classic hike. The hike begins at Chateau Lake Louise, amidst the hundreds and thousands of people streaming off of the tour buses to snap pictures of the Lake and the mountains behind. We followed the lakeshore trail to the far end of Lake Louise. At this point there were far less people . The trail started easily enough but about 1 km out from the tea house the switchbacks are steep. Once you reach the top, you see the quaint tea house. I thought this was the coolest thing. Had a soup and spoke with the staff about their unique summer jobs. We continued on for another 2 km to the glacier . Spectacular view. We just sat for a while to soak in the scenery. Loved this hike.

You will need a Banff national park pass to use this area.


Trails in the Lake Louise area date to 1890 and were built to provide hiking and climbing opportunities for the Lake Louise Chalet's guests. Soon after, the Canadian Pacific Railway built several tea houses to sustain visitors on their day's outing.

The Plain of Six Glaciers tea house was built in 1924 with the involvement of Edward Feuz, a Swiss guide employed by the CPR. Its stonework was a departure from the usual log construction used at the time.

Built around 1904, the Lake Agnes tea house began its days as a rustic shelter. By the 1920's, it had become "the highest situated tea room in Canada". In 1981, a new tea house was built incorporating several features of the original structure. Today both tea houses are privately operated by local residents.

Refreshments and light snacks available - summer months only.

The supplies are brought in by helicopter at the beginning of the season then packed in by horse. The staff changes every 5 days.




Trailhead: Follow the Lake Louise Shoreline trail to the back of the lake and continue on to Teahouse.



Total Distance- 18.2 km return (11.4 miles )
Time- 7 hours
Average Grade- 6.4%
Elevation Gain- 420 m (1380 feet)
Start Elevation- 1732 m (5629 feet)
Max Elevation- 2152 m (7009 feet)