Mount St. Piran/Agnes lake- August 23,2009

Mt. St. Piran is one of the mountains that sit above Lake Louise. This mountain rests on the north west (right) side of Lake Louise and overlooks all three of the tiered lakes (Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, and Lake Agnes). It also provides a great view of the Bow Valley.

We hiked up to the Lake Agnes tea House ( second tea house in Lake Louise). Gorgeous!!!! We sat there admiring the view having a tea when our server mentioned we could continue to Mount St. Piran. We were game.. why not???? The turn off was near the Big Beehive..not marked. Mt. Saint Piran is not that much further, but it is nearly 500m higher over the same distance. Thankfully the trail is a set of many switchbacks . Once we summited the views were spectacular... quite windy though. Another hike that i would give a thumbs up!

You will need a Banff national park pass to use this area.





Start at the front lawn (lakeside) of the Chateau Lake Louise. Walk Hikers right to begin.


Total Distance- 14.0 km return ( 8.75 miles)
Time- It took us about 6 hours
Average Grade- 12.8%
Elevation Gain- 920 meters ( 2990 feet)
Start Elevation- 1732 m (5629 feet)
Max Elevation- 2,649 m (8.689 feet)